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Yahoo Data Center

The facility, located 30 miles northeast of Buffalo in Lockport, N.Y., is being billed by the company as one of the greenest and most energy efficient building of its kind in the country. Powered by renewable energy from Niagara Falls, the data center’s design takes advantage of the region’s climate to cool the facility using 100 percent outside air. Instead of precast concrete or steel, the building employs pre-engineered metal buildings.
The Lockport facility, which broke ground in August 2009, is part of a Yahoo initiative to become a leader in the design and construction of environmentally sustainable data centers. The effort is integral to the company’s commitment to reduce its carbon intensity by 40 percent by 2014.

The 115,000-sq.-ft. complex is comprised of four structures; a 25,000-sq.-.ft administrative building and three, 30,000-sq.-ft. data center wings. Sufficient space is available on the 30-acre site for three additional wings. Completion is slated for June 2010.

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