Example Work

Mariinsky Theatre

Historic Theatre

The original Mariinsky Theater is a historic theater over one hundred and fifty years old and has a seating capacity of 1,625. Mariinsky II will be linked to the main theater by a bridge and will increase the seating capacity by 2,000 seats.

CADFORCE provided BIM modeling, training and design support during the design development phase of the project. This included sending a CADFORCE project manager to the client’s offices for two weeks to get the project started correctly in BIM and to train their production staff. At the end of this two week on-site visit, the project manager flew to India to introduce and train our production team on Diamond + Schmitt’s requirements and standards.

Sending a CADFORCE PM into the Diamond + Schmitt offices allowed for seamless collaboration. On-site training provided instant access to questions and project specific set-up and best practices. As design issues arose, CADFORCE was able to provide guidance and support.

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